Losing weight has become a concern of most people. The question arises that why losing weight is necessary? .It is because these days obesity has become a major key to health issues and may lead to diseases such as diabetes, breathing problems, arthritis, etc. Well not to worry cuz some useful and easy tips to lose weight and become healthy are given below.

These tips won’t be useful to control your weight fast but it will certainly lead to a better, healthy and a fit lifestyle

1. Exercise daily:

Exercising daily is essential for every person either obese or underweight. Exercising mainly reduces or in fun words melts the excess/harmful body fat of the body and on the other hand, it even regulates the flow of oxygen through the body cells and tissues. Most people think that only high-intensity workouts work the best but in my opinion, a person who does not work out often should start from jogging. There is a whole new world of exercises out there consisting of walking, yoga, aerobics, dance, etc. It is highly suggested that every person should do the workout in which they can focus more on their body.


2. Never skip meals:

Skipping meals is one of the biggest mistakes that people make in order to lose weight. The psychology behind this phenomenon is that skipping meals leads to starvation,  thus results in binge eating at the time of the next meal. It may also result in lower metabolism and lead to disorders such as diabetes and obesity.

It is much more beneficial to eat food in small bowls or plates. This leads to eating fewer food portions and creates an illusion in the mind as well as satisfies one’s hunger.

3. Take small bites and eat slowly:

One of the useful tips to eat less is to take small bites when having a meal. Taking small bites helps to focus on the stuff that you are eating as well as it helps the enzymes of the body to work effectively on the food. It is also suggested by many health practitioners to chew every bite slowly and to chew every bite at least 30 times so that it provides more surface area for the enzymes to work on the food as well as provides easy digestion.


4. Drink lots of water before meals:

Drinking ample water before meals is one of the most important tips to lose weight fast. It is my personal experience that drinking 2 to 3 glasses of water about half an hour before meals helps to reduce hunger as the water fills up the stomach. It is also very necessary for providing an ideal medium and pH for the chemical reactions taking place inside the body. On the other hand, it freshens the skin and gives a glow to it.


5. Do not sleep or lie down right after eating:

Lying down after having a meal is not suitable because when we lie down our stomach full of food lays flat. This slows down the process of digestion and may even result in bowel problems and indigestion.


6. Drink green tea every day:

Green tea is one of the most suggested beverage to lose weight because of its nutritional value. This drink consists of 0 calories and is very effective in losing weight. The catechins and caffeine of green tea help to boost the metabolism of the body as well as it burns body fat at a very high extent. One of the health benefits of green tea is that it contains antioxidants which prevent diseases such as cholesterol, diabetes, and cancer. hence drinking green tea is essential to losing weight.

I have personally followed these tips to lose weight and they turned out to help me a lot.


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