Toys are necessary for child development

How toys are helpful in child development?

According to researchers children learn new things every day.

Do we have to be selective in buying toys for improving child development?

Are toys necessary for child development?

What toys shall I buy for my 1 yr old?

Shall I buy different types of toys for girls and boy?

There are many questions that arise for a mother and every parent wants his/her child to become a strong person in order to survive in this world. Child development comes from not only the birth of the child but starts from the very beginning of married life. It also depends upon how you choose your spouse. Selection of the best is everyone’s right and everyone has the right to live a prosperous life.

So let us just stick to child development and growth after birth. 

Here we are going to discuss some playing activities of children according to their ages and the benefits of each.

List of games for toddlers:

  1. Play Dough
  2. Painting
  3. Scissors
  4. Playing with sand
  5. Building blocks
  6. Electrical / Musical Toys
  7. Plastic animal toys
  8. Fluffy stuffed toys
  9. Home arrangement toys(Kitchen set, doll set, doll house)


Play dough and cognitive development

Play dough and cognitive development have always been together.

Personal development, socialism, and encouragement are always required for children to survive in this. Selecting toys so that they are helpful for the child in sparkling and enlighten their personality has a great deal to do with the selection of toys and engaging them to play.

Playdough learning and development :

Is helpful all types of all ages but it is best for the children of age 1 to 2 yrs old as it helps in:-

  • Strengthening hands: – The squishing smashing, rolling and cutting the dough into different shapes helps to increase the creativity and imaginative power of the children.
  • Improves pre-writing skills: when a child presses his little fingers against playdough to give it a particular shape it improves the grip of his/her pincer finger.
  • Enhances Creativity skills: A child’s imaginative power is increased when he thinks of molding a playdough int things his mind is making.
  • Encourages to think more: B making new things day by day he/she gets the courage to be more creative and think what more he /she can do with this amazing toy.
  • Calms your little one: He/she is always putting his efforts and powers on a thing which is within his reach this helps his inner anxiety and hence calms him down
  • Power to focus: This is the major problem for the age of today as there is a number of things to divert a child’s concentration and improves power to focus.

Is Playdough safe for toddlers: Toddlers are too small to make playdough in their hands as they may eat it. If monitored properly and after playing, hands must be washed in order to keep them safe.

You can check the reviews of each and every item we keep in our store. So that before purchasing it you are fully aware of what you are going to get and have no further regrets.

Here are the reviews of 2-ounce playdough.



Acrylic Paint Set, 18 Piece (2-Ounce)

This lovely tool is good for all ages and groups whether be it girls or boys. It is  a sensory play and helps develop the sensory skills of children.

  • This way nervous  system connection and brain-hand coordination improves
  • It strengthens memory as they start mixing new colors. As they remember which color goes best with their combinations and which primary colors when mixed together invent a new secondary color.
  • They become more creative energetic and versatile while starts to think out of the box.
  • Putting colors of choice make them more optimistic because they reach their goals leaving behind disappointment and hopelessness.
  • While expressing their inner feelings with the colors they put on the canvas they are able to nurture emotional expression. Painters trigger feelings like happiness, sadness, love, and anger. They give others happiness and joy when  
  • Taking up painting tools surely improves to build a happy mood in your child.

Reviews about this product are also available from buyers.

3. Scissors:

Scissors Skills and activities

  • Scissor skill activities help in developing motor skills, cutting with the scissors improves mind-hand coordination
  • Using scissors must be started from pre-school as it builds muscles
  • Increase hand-eye coordination

According to an article on

Here are some suggested activities per age level:

Baby to Three:  No cutting.  Provide recycled paper to tear up.  This builds bilateral motor coordination.  It also requires use of the finger TIPS to rip successfully.  This further strengthens the fingers.

3 years:  Close supervision and blunted scissors are a must.  The fingers are just beginning to manipulate scissors so very simple snipping activities should be done.

  • At the age of 3+-4years children can become more independent and gain confidence while cutting small bits and pieces, joining them together to form a picture

See how cutting is helpful for all ages.

4. Playing with sand:


  • Playing with sand is a great method to facilitate the natural psyche of the child. As children dig, pour, scoop ad spill sand they develop muscles.
  • It also enhances social skills 
  • “Most children seem to take to the sandbox by around 12 to 18 months, but a few kids enjoy playing in sand even before their first birthdays, especially the busy ones who like to pour things out of containers,” says Victoria J. Youcha,

  • Although playing with sand seem to be skin annoying it involves natural ingredients to play.

But while playing with sand also needs to be monitored by elders as many children tend to take everything in the mouth which can cause diarrhea or other diseases.

Playing with stuffed toys:


  • Develops self-confidence
  • Improves language skills as many children start talking to their imaginary friends
  • Hence improving imagination
  • Builds up confidence and enhance social skills

According to a  research 

Stuffed Animals for Mental Health. People use acupuncture for stress, depression, and anxiety all the time. … Live animals have a larger effect, but hey — when you’re dealing with chronic depression and anxiety, every little bit helps. One study even said stuffed animals can help reduce existential angst!

Stuffed toys animals are also good for toddlers, children of all ages and adults as well and squeezing the toys help in acupuncturing the sensitive points on hands and helps in maintaining health by getting a night of good sleep.

Musical toys:

VTech Pull and Sing Puppy

There are many effects of music on child development.

  • Enhances cognitive skills
  • Increases memory
  • Promotes healthier social power
  • Communication between neurons becomes better which helps a child to become more responsive
  • Reflex action increases.

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